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Andrea Calabresi - Sun, and Close Landscapes

Dettagli:  Apertura Giovedì 21 Febbraio 2019 - Ore 18:00. La mostra continua fina al 18 Aprile

Details:   Opening Thursday 20 February 2019 - 6pm. The show continues until the 18th of April

Curator: Daina Maja Titonel 


"This project has two literary inspirations" - says Andrea Calabresi - "the first few lines of Leopardi's L’Infinito and the concept of plausibility as defined by Alessandro Manzoni. The aim of my work, done trough the use of a highly specialised technique, is to reduce the artificial components in the photographic images, to eliminate aesthetic emphasis, and thus free photography from the influence of its pictorial roots. My aim is always to reveal the object in its essence, lifting from it all superfluous elements. My landscapes are thus the opposite of 'views'; they deny the very possibility of views (as is the case with the famous Leopardi’s hedge). I work by subtraction. It is this that moves the viewer's attention from the subject to its representation, thus gifting an evocative power to the images and allowing the the lighting and the tonal nuances and shifts to be the dominating expressive force.” 


Andrea Calabresi was born in Rome in 1967. He started shooting photographs and working in the dark room as a young boy. Self-taught at first, he then studied under the guidance of James Megargee and Arno Rafael Minkkinen. He has worked as a professional photographer since 1990, experimenting in different fields, most notably architectural photography. In 1996, he opened a black- and-white fine art printing laboratory; he also began focusing his energy on perfecting his technical studies; on his artistic projects; on critical and historical research; and on his work as a teacher. He still teaches courses at Corsi Foto Analogica, Spazio Labò, at the Toscana Photographic Workshops (TPW) since 2003, and at Syracuse University (New York) where he has been a visiting professor since 2004. His artistic practice focuses on long-term projects, such as the study of urban landscapes Domande sul senso dello spazio (1995-2002) and on open-air landscapes as in Close Landscapes (2001- 2008) and The Upper Half (2006-2018). 

For more info please contact:

MAC | via di Monserrato, 30 - 00186 Rome ITALY

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