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"2023 Express": La nuova newsletter di Laura Petrillo

A partire da Gennaio 2023 Laura Petrillo, fondatrice e coordinatrice delle proposte formative di Academy Now,

condividerà attraverso la newsletter in lingua inglese "2023 Express" gli articoli più interessanti che seleziona quotidianamente dalla stampa internazionale. Ecco qui qualche anticipazione.

What I will explore with the newsletter "2023 Express"

The coming years are about building new medium-long term policies that will reshape our nations and ourself for generations. I will address those changes through their impact on the world of business and on us.

My predictions for 2023

A reshape of workplaces and new business models for companies. Visionary sparks from film directors and artists and a new desire for quality time.

Work trends I am keeping an eye on

"Quiet quitting" and Great resigning" which have been identified in 2022 as well as the newly seen "Career cushioning".

The most interesting film director

Two-time winner d'Or Ruben Ostlund who has recently cemented his position with his new outstanding movie The triangle of Sadness.

Do you want to receive "2023 Express"?

Please send an e-mail to Laura Petrillo at:

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