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Nadege Meriau - Snails, Lambda print, 20
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“It is brilliant to be part of Academy Now's selected artists. Since 2015 my work was exposed to institutional private and public art organisations, galleries and media. Academy Now, pushed me and my practice forward, in every possible way. I'm very grateful for the insightful and ongoing dialogue with the organisation and specifically with Laura Tori Petrillo. Beyond my personal experience, I believe Academy Now is fighting for the existence of a new generation of excellent artists. Thank you so much Academy Now!"


"It has been an honour for me to be among the very first slot of artists selected by Academy Now in 2012 together with international talents from all Europe. I was invited to exhibit my work in major shows in London, Bruxelles, and various times in Bologna. The exhibition in London was in the center,  the West End gallery district, and it was the most visited show in London the day of the opening. Bruxelles took place during Art Bruxelles, in the extraordinary building Tour & Taxi, my work was sold, I was invited to produce a solo show the following year and I started collaborating with two new galleries in Bruxelles and another in Berlin.  Then came the amazing show in Art Defender in Bologna, the result of a synergy with Damiani Editor and Arte Fiera Bologna. For the private opening more than 800 visitors came and the show had also wide media cover. Then came the exhibition in Spazio Aposa 9 Bologna, a collaboration between Academy Now and Maccafferi family and in 2018 an institutional show came in Villa delle Rose, a collaboration between Academy Now and MAMbo (museum of Modern Art Bologna). I hope I will keep working with Academy Now because I believe that Laura Tori Petrillo, the artistic director and her staff, are very professional and organise each event in the best venues, with best presentation of the artworks and great attention to all details."

Zhu Tian_Hiccups_2014_Sculpture_150x160x


“ Through AN, I have participated in two amazing art projects, 'Off Course' for Art Bruxelles and ‘Do Disturb’ at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. AN enabled my work to be seen by a much wider, international audience. I appreciate both the professional and personal relationship that has developed over my time working with AN. I hope AN will continue helping talented emerging artists to be seen.” 


"As mid career artist I had the pleasure and honour to be selected to participate in the annual private event at SCOA curated by Laura Tori Petrillo, artistic director of Academy Now. Working with AN as been a very interesting experience, I could share my thoughts with other artists, Laura and with the public in an relaxed non formal atmosphere. I find the restless dedication to the career and personal growth of the young (and not so young artists) AN does of extreme importance, and, as far as I know, there is no other initiative like that. For these reasons I believe that AN really deserves our greatest support”.
The Tempest.JPG
Elena Helfrecht, Emesis I, 2014, Photogr


"Academy Now was the first impulse for applying to the Royal College of Art in London, for which I did not have the courage before. Laura Tori Petrillo gave me incredibly helpful feedback on my portfolio in Brussels and encouraged me to apply. In the following months, I participated to her  course 'How to write about you and your Art', which provided me with the first important tools for transforming the core of my work into words and into a successful application ."


"Academy Now is the missing link between young artists and institutions, and it is well known that getting in touch with the artworld is one of the most difficult yet relevant goals for an up-and-coming artist. Through its numerous projects Academy Now helps art students to achieve their  career as artists. My experience with Academy Now allowed me to show my work in institutional public art spaces such as  as Villa delle Rose, MAMbo (Museum of Modern Art Bologna). This experience helped me to understand how flexible and adaptable an artwork must be today. It has also been important for me, as a performer, to get in touch with the audience provided by  the exhibition AN-MAMbo"
Noa Pane, Untitled (Vacuum), 2016, Still


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Being an artist is not an easy task, especially after finishing school, there is nobody that supports  you, you are alone with your fears, dreams and hopes. Academy Now fills the gap between Art Schools and professional art world, running a number of initiatives which go from providing specific courses on writing about your work, supporting you with choosing the right direction depending on your aspirations.  In my case with the support of Academy Now I was selected by major Art Colleges in London and New York and I had a place offered in one of the most important,  the Royal College of Art in London. I was also invited to major exhibitions in Bruxelles, where my work was seen by general public and international collectors, some of which purchased a few of my artworks, then came Bologna with the exhibition at Maccaferri’s space Aposa 9, two exhibitions in the historic venue of Villa Marullina and the beautiful show in Villa delle Rose. These exhibitions where curated by Academy Now and were the results of international and national Open Calls where top professionals of the current art system and top art institutions where invited: Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo in Turin, MAMbo Bologna, P420 Gallery, Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Diversity Art Forum in London to name but a few. Academy Now in 2017 also launched a brilliant  innovative initiative: Art & Business, opening for artists the opportunity to be seen to the interesting world of firms of professionals and companies. My work was presented in SCOA a leading firm of professional with wide and deep connections with major Italian enterprises. 
Personally, I am very grateful to Academy Now and her director Laura Tori Petrillo for their long term support to develop my career and pursue my dream of becoming a professional artist."


Nemo Nonnenmacher.jpg



"I see a great importance in the passionate work of Academy Now, which is creating prolific connections between young artists, institutions and art organizations. AN doesn’t just talk, it helps with its concrete actions emerging artists by giving them real chances, feedbacks and care. As a young artist I was honoured to be chosen for AN-MAMbo one of their exhibition projects, and it has been very important for me and my practice to see the AN art director, Laura Tori Petrillo,  real interest in my work and research."

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"I am honored to be among the artists of Academy Now. My work was shortlisted for an International Call launched by Academy Now named Aperto, dedicated to not-recent art graduates, not so young photographers like me,  who deserve to be exposed and supported. The Call had an extraordinary panel of judges: Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, among the top world art patrons, museum director Lorenzo Balbi and collector Frederic Goldsmiths to mention a few. From the point of view of an artist or a photographer, it is highly appreciated to have work on view on an independent, international, research platform dedicated to talented visual artists. I also appreciate to have the opportunity to participate to a fruitful dialogue among different countries, different cultures, as Academy Now promotes a cosmopolitan approach with  mutual sharing of ideas and visions, values which I particularly appreciate especially in this very particular historical moment. "


"Being selected by Academy Now for the Art & Business event in the stunning Villa Marullina was a fundamental experience. Seeing my photographs in such a historic and elegant palace filled me with pride and it was good to meet SCOA’s team and clients who joined the beautiful night. I had the opportunity to present my work and myself in front of all visitors and some of my works were sold to my greatest joy. Thanks to the very precise supervision of Laura Tori Petrillo, Academy Now artistic director, I had also the chance to connect with other artists who uses very different languages and medias offering me new perspectives on my practice. "

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"I met Laura Tori Petrillo, Academy Now director, during my MA in Photography at Fondazione Fotografia Modena. While looking at my portfolio she spread her positive energy and proactive attitude appreciating the fine line between real and surreal which characterises my research. I also took part to her online course where Laura Tori Petrillo teaches “How to write about you and your art” and I found the perfect statement for my work. Thanks to Academy Now I also had the opportunity to show my videos and photographs to a new exciting audience in SCOA during the event Art & Business. In brief Academy Now for me means experience, opportunities and vision!" 

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