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Academy Now & SCOA

Since the very beginning in 2012, Academy Now has always built bridges between new talented artists and the industry of the arts. In 2017 we started exploring other areas of the current eco system and we found a new wide audience for emerging talents which is represented by firms and companies. We started curating events outside museums and galleries under the flag ART & BUSINESS and we reached an incredibly hungry, open, new audience. The first event was a success and SCOA, a leading Italian firm, asked Academy Now to come up with a new project and new artists. Art & Business is curated by

Laura Tori Petrillo. Invited artists: Andrea Calabresi,  Francesca Ferrari, Noa Pane,

Fabio Romano, Agata Torelli.


Academy Now -MAMbo - May 2018

Collaborations between public museums and  independent organisations dedicated to research is fundamental for both and we are extremely proud to have achieved this tremendous goal in a moment in Europe where cuts of public funding within culture and political uncertainties have a strong impact on the economy in general and on research and visual arts in particular. In 2017 we invited MAMbo and the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna to work together on a public exhibition of new talents, selected through a public Call. The result was an exhibition of stunning artworks,  a dialogue between five of  the winners of Academy Now International Calls from all Europe and five winners of the students from Bologna. Lorenzo Balbi, the artistic director of MAMbo (Museum of Modern Art Bologna) said “This is one of the most beautiful exhibitions in Villa delle Rose, well done Academy Now”. 

Artists list: Frank Ammerlaan, Veronica Billi, Nicola Bizzarri, Leni Dothan, Nicolas Feldmeyer, Vincenzo Gentile, Noa Pane, Dario Picariello, Daniele Pulze, Fabio Romano. For the opening night we host a performance by Agata Torelli.




In 2017 SCOA among the most important Italian firms in Bologna, celebrated its 40th Anniversary and invited Academy Now to present its new talents in Villa Marullina, a XVII century beautiful building. The artists selected took on brilliantly the challenge of creating a dialogue between past and present and the visitors and SCOA's team had the opportunity to experience performances, site specific works, photographies and sculptures. SCOA CEO, Federico Palmieri when interviewed said: "An enterprise can be seen as a beautiful artwork and an artwork can be seen as a successful enterprise".



Following the success of Academy Now 2015 Bruxelles, AN was invited again to take part to Off Course Bruxelles during the Spring art week of the Belgian capital. This time the artworks presented were purchased by young as well as established collectors who wanted a new talent to be part of their antique, modern or contemporary art collection. This year we organised a portfolio competition among the aspiring artists and photographers who visited us and the 3 winners had the opportunity to use the entire space of Academy Now to exhibit their work. Artists selected: Leni Dothan, Noa Pane, Dario Picariello.
Artistic director: Laura Tori Petrillo.

Photographer: Claudio Cazzara.